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Commodity Detail

Access Date: 22Sep2022    Tariff: 980000-006

Brief Description: PIPE OR CONDUIT AND FITTINGS, VIZ: - 0275-07-0400

Effective Date:
Thru Date:
Expire Date:
Publish Date:
Amend Type:
Long Description
Pipe or Conduit and Fittings, VIZ:
Fiberglass, Rigid or Coiled;
Plastic, Rigid or Coiled;
Double Walled Plastic, Cement or Concrete Filled;
Polyethylene, Flexible, Including Fittings for the
Pipe as Shipped;
Hose Piping, Felt/Polyurethene Textile Composition;
Fittings, Plastic or Polyethylene, in straight shipments
Rate Notes
NOTE 1: Rates named in this Item will also apply on cement
or cement primer as necessary for joining pipe and
fittings as shipped, provided the weight thereof
is declared by Shipper and does not exceed 2% of
the total shipment wt.

NOTE 2: As an exception to Rule 520, Container
Description, cargo moving under this Item in
flatrack containers may extend beyond the
perimeter in width up to two inches per side.

NOTE 3: Special Seattle/Tacoma/Portland Wharfage is set
Container Price
20' PC $80
40'/PC,FR $100
40B PC $100
45B PC $100
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