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Commodity Detail

Access Date: 22Sep2022    Tariff: 980000-006

Brief Description: ROOFING AND/OR PAVING MATERIALS, VIZ: - 0268-07-0000

Effective Date:
Thru Date:
Expire Date:
Publish Date:
Amend Type:
Long Description
Roofing and/or Paving Materials, Viz:
Asphalt, NOS;
Asphalt Composition;
Cement, Roofing;
Cement, Waterproofing;
Cloth or Glass Fiber, Resin Coated, in Rolls or in Rolls
in cartons;
Coal Tar Emulsion;
Coating, Roof (NOT Paint or Stain) Having Asphalt, Pitch,
Rosin Tar, or Water Base Acrylic;
Compound, Asphalt Flooring;
Cords, Glass Fibre, in Cartons;
Eave Filler Strips;
Felt or Paper, Building, in rolls or multiple sheets;
Flashing, Lead, in rolls;
Fiberglass Rods;
Gravel, In Bags;
Lining, Asphalt Molded;
Metal Roofing;
Paving Joints, Roadway Expansion, Asphalt or Asphalt Base,
or Plastic or Rubber;
Pitch (Other than Brewers or Pine);
Primer Liquid;
Ridge Roll, Asbestos;
Roof Boards;
Roofing, Composition or Prepared, in rolls;
Roofing or Sheathing, Asbestos, Hard, Flat or Corrugated;
Roofing, Asphalt or Saturated Paper or Felt and Aluminum,
Roofing Curbs, Metal;
Roofing Granules;
Roofing, Sheet, Copper;
Roofing, Steel and Extrusion, including Coiled Galvanized
Steel Stripping, NEX: 4" in width;
Roofing Vents, Copper or Galvanized Aluminum;
Rubber Roofing Tile;
Rubber Shingles;
Shingles or Siding, Asbestos, in bundles;
Shingles, Asphalt,including Asphalt with Paper, Felt, Rag
or Fiberglass Core, in bundles, in mixed shipments with
Other Cargo described in this Tariff;
Shingles, Aluminum;
Shingles, Zinc;
Siding, Asphalt;
Slate Roofing Material;
Synthetic Plastic, Glass Fibre Reinforced, Flat or
Corrugated, in Packages;
Tar, Coal or Petroleum;
Tile Sheathing Board;
Tin Roofing Caps;
Vinyl, In Rolls;
Waterproofing Membrane, Polyethylene and Rubberized
Asphalt, combined or Rubberized EPDM;
Zinc, in rolls or coils.
Rate Notes
1. Special Oakland Wharfage is set at:
Container Price
20' PC $132
40'/PC,OT,FR $266
40B PC $266
45B PC $298
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