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Commodity Detail

Access Date: 22Sep2022    Tariff: 980000-006

Brief Description: PAPER AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS, VIZ: - 0248-25-0010

Effective Date:
Thru Date:
Expire Date:
Publish Date:
Amend Type:
Long Description
Paper and Plastic Products, VIZ:
Candy Pads;
Cardboard Boxes;
Cleaning Compounds;
Copy Paper, in cartons;
Fiberboard Boxes, Corrugated or Other than Corrugated;
Foam Trays;
Janitorial Chemicals, Hazardous or Non-Hazardous;
Kraft Paper Rolls;
Paper and Plastic Food Service Items;
Paper Bags;
Paper Napkins;
Paper Towels;
Plastic Bags;
Plastic Sheeting;
Plastic Trays;
Plastic Wrap, in Rolls;
Printing Paper, in rolls and cartons;
Pulp Trays;
Tissues and Wipes, Paper;
Toilet Paper;
Toilet Seat Covers.
Rate Notes
1. Rates apply only on cargo consigned to:
- Papersource at 91-240 Komohana St., Kapolei, HI 96707.
2. Consignee must have ownership interest in cargo moving
under this Item.
3. Up to 6,000 lbs. of Hotel Amenities or Adhesive
including Tape, may be included per shipment.
4. One container per week per Neighbor Island may be
to Rule 752 - Stopoff Charge. As an exception to Rule 752,
final destination of container may be Lanai.
5. One container per week may contain Shoes, not to exceed
600 cft.
6. Stationary Supplies and Packing Materials may be
in shipments rated under this item so long as the weight of
the other Stationary Supplies and Packing Materials does
not exceed 10% of the total container weight and all other
provisiions of this item are adhered to.
Not Subject to Rules
Subject to Rules
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