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Commodity Detail

Access Date: 22Sep2022    Tariff: 980000-006

Brief Description: PAPER ARTICLES, VIZ: ADDING MACHINE PAPER ETC - 0248-08-0500

Effective Date:
Thru Date:
Expire Date:
Publish Date:
Amend Type:
Long Description
Paper Articles, Viz:
Adding Machine Paper;
Binders and Covers, Book or Loose Leaf,
Paper or Paperboard;
Cake or Cookie Boxes;
Cash Register Tape;
Computing Machine Paper, not printed;
Envelope Paper, in rolls or sheets;
File Folders, paper or pulpboard, flat;
Forms, NOI, Printed or not printed;
Inner and Master Cases;
Labels or Tags, plain, printed or lithographed as
described in Item 153500 Sub 2 of NMFC;
Newsprint, flat, in boxes;
Pads, Tablets or Blank Books, not printed or with
printed headings or margins;
Tape, VIZ:
cotton, flat twine;
masking or cellophane;
sealing, gummed paper;
teletype, perforated, paper oiled;
Teletype Paper;
Wallpaper NOI or Wallpaper Samples or Sample Books;
Wrapping paper, waxed or unwaxed;
Writing or Drawing paper other than folded.
Rate Notes
1. Special Oakland Wharfage is set at:
Container Price
20' PC $132
40'/PC,OT,FR $266
40B PC $266
45B PC $298

2. Special Seattle/Tacoma/Portland Wharfage is set at:
Container Price
20' PC $93
40'/PC,OT,FR $100
40B PC $100
45B PC $100
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