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Commodity Detail

Access Date: 22Sep2022    Tariff: 980000-006

Brief Description: FOOD ITEMS, PRESERVED, VIZ: - 0220-00-1000

Effective Date:
Thru Date:
Expire Date:
Publish Date:
Amend Type:
Long Description
Food Items, Preserved, Viz:
Bouillon, Cubes or Granular;
Breakfast Food Bars or Shapes;
Gravy, Dry, in packages;
Potatoes, in packages, not including Potato Chips;
Ramen or Instant Prepared Noodles, Flavored, with or
without Added Ingredients, packaged;
Rice Cakes;
Saimin or Instant Prepared Noodles;
Soup Ingredients, Noodles, Pasta or Rice, Dry, in
individual serving cups or with microwavable
cooking/serving trays or dishes, with or without
Vegetables, Cheese, Meats, Seasonings or other
ingredients, shipped in boxes. (NMFC 72780);
Stuffing Mix;
Sweetening Compound, Liquid or Dry;
Vegetables, or Seaweed, Dehydrated or Dried, NOS, in
Rate Notes
1. Special Los Angeles/Long Beach Wharfage is set at: (P)
Container Price
20' PC $ 81
40' PC $101
40B PC $101
45B PC $114

2. Special Oakland Wharfage is set at:
Container Price
20' PC $132
40'/PC,OT,FR $266
40B PC $266
45B PC $298

3. Rates apply on Shipper-Owned 20' ISO tank containers.

4. Rate includes return of empty tank to Carrier's Los
Angeles/Long Beach or Oakland, CA terminals only.
Rule 900 - Non-Revenue Return applies.
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