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Commodity Detail

Access Date: 10Jun2021    Tariff: 980000-006

Brief Description: FREIGHT ALL KINDS (FAK) - 0298-30-0100

Effective Date:
Thru Date:
Expire Date:
Publish Date:
Amend Type:
Long Description
Rate Notes
1. Rates in this Item are specific and do not alternate
with any other rates in this tariff. They will apply
only where the Shipper has described the shipment as
"Freight All Kinds".

2. Each shipment must contain five or more different
commodities with no single commodity weighing more
than 50% of the total cargo weight of the shipment.
Additionally, each shipment may not contain any freight
that requires the use of temperature-controlled

3. For purposes of applying the provisions of this Item:
(a) Any commodity not described under a specific rate
item in Section 2 of this tariff shall constitute a
"Different" commodity if it is described in a separate
item number in NMFC 100-U and reissues therof.
(b) When commodities are described under rate items
in Section 2 of this tariff (other than Item
0200-00-0500), any, or all of the articles named in one
rate item shall constitute ONLY "One" commodity.

4. As an exception to Rule 110 - Definition of Technical
Terms, a shipment which otherwise meets the terms and
conditions of this Item may be tendered to Carrier for
multiple container yard delivery service for full
container-load lots only at the ports of Honolulu, Hilo,
Kawaihae, Kahului, or Nawiliwili under separate dock
receipts on the same vessel/voyage by shipment number,
for qualification under Note 2, as applicable.

5. As an Exception to Rule 110, Definition of Technical
Terms, when the final destination of a portion of the
cargo in a container in a shipment rated under this Item
is Nawiliwili, Kawaihai, Kahului or Hilo, the container
may be stopped in transit in Honolulu for partial
unloading subject to the conditions set forth in Rule
752 - Stop in Transit, in this Tariff.

6. Rate includes the return of empty pallets, empty wooden
crates, cardboard separators, intermediate bulk
containers and metal mobile containers from Hawaii CY to
Pacific Coast CY which moved loaded to Hawaii under
rates in this Item and subject to Rule 900 - Non-Revenue
Return Loads. Shipper must certify that the pallets,
cardboard separators, intermediate bulk containers and
metal mobile containers so returned comply with the
provisions of this Note and Rule 900 - Non-Revenue
Return Loads.
Subject to Rules
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