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Commodity Detail

Access Date: 07Nov2017    Tariff: 980000-006

Brief Description: GROCERY STORE ITEMS - 0298-85-1000

Effective Date:
Thru Date:
Expire Date:
Publish Date:
Amend Type:
Long Description
Grocery Store Items
Rate Notes
1 - Rates apply on cargo moving from one Shipper to one

2 - Rates apply only when Shipper/Consignee has ownership
interest in cargo.

3 - Each container must contain three (3) or more Grocery
Store Items, no one of which may exceed 60% of the total
cube of the container.

4 - (Applicable to cargo originating from Los Angeles
An OVERFLOW CONTAINER may be shipped with each full
container moving under this Item at a charge of $1915 per
20-ft. container or $2598 per 40-ft. container, provided
that the following criteria are met: (A)

a. A maximum of 24,000 lbs. or 850 cubic feet per 20-ft.
overflow container and 33,000 lbs. or 1750 cubic feet per
40-ft. overflow container is allowed. If the overflow
container exceeds either the weight or the cubic maximum
allowed, then the full 20-ft. container or 40-ft.
container rate applicable per this Item will be assessed.

b. The Shipper must declare accurate weight and cubic
measurement for cargo loaded to overflow containers. If
the Shipper does not declare accurate weight and cubic
measurement, Carrier will assess the full 20-ft.
container or 40-ft. container rate applicable per this
item, and the overflow will be disallowed.

c. The size of the overflow container may not exceed the
size of the lead container.

d. Both the lead and the overflow must be clearly
identified on one bill of lading.

5 - (Not applicable to cargo originating in Tacoma.) Rate
includes the return of pallets and cardboard separators
from Hawaii CY to Pacific Coast CY which loaded to Hawaii
under rates in this Item. Shipper must certify that the
pallets and cardboard separators returned comply with the
provisions of this NOTE.

6 - May include plastic or foam Deli Trays, up to, but not
exceeding, 5% by weight loaded to any one container.

7 - Rates herein include West Coast Wharfage Charges.
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