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Commodity Detail

Access Date: 02Jan2022    Tariff: 980000-006

Brief Description: FOODSTUFFS, ALL KINDS, REFRIGERATED - 0520-01-1000

Effective Date:
Thru Date:
Expire Date:
Publish Date:
Amend Type:
Long Description
Rate Notes
1.Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, and Milk may be loaded
to a container of cargo as described in this Item at an
additional charge of $283.00 per container, provided the
weight of such cargo does not exceed 10% of the total cargo
weight in the container.

2. Each container must consist of three or more
different commodities, no one of which exceeds 70 percent
of the weight or measure of the cargo in the container.

3. a. For the purpose of this item, any article not
described under a specific rate item in Section 3 of this
tariff will constitute a "different" commodity.
b. When articles are described under rate items
(other than Commodity Number 0300-20-0000) in Sub-Section
03 of this tariff any or all of the articles named in one
rate item shall constitute only "one" commodity.

4. This item will not apply on Christmas Trees or
Evergreen Wreath, Garland or Trim.

5. As an exception to Rule 800 - Proportional Rates,
rates in this item may be combined with arbitraries to/from
inland locations.

6. Rates include Honolulu Wfg. Neighbor Island Wfg
Differential applies.

7. Rule 752 - Stop in Transit to Unload and Consolidate

8. Rates include the return of pallets, crates and
cardboard separators from Carrier's Hawaii CY to Carrier's
Pacific Coast CY which moved loaded to Hawaii under rates
in this item. Shipper must certify that the pallets, crates
and cardboard separators so returned comply with the
provisions of this Note. Rule 900 - Non-Revenue Return
Loads does not apply.

9. For containers including Stop In Transit Service on the
island of Oahu having an exception to rule 505, free
time will commence with the first 0001 hours (1 minute
after midnight) following discharge of the last
westbound container.
Should the first 0001 hours following discharge of the
last westbound container occur on a Saturday, Sunday or
Holiday, then free time will start at 0001 hours on the
first workday thereafter, and shall be a total of 11
calendar days, not including the hours of any Saturday,
Sunday or Holiday.

As an exception to Rule 505(1) (D), when the final
destination of a portion of the cargo in a container is
Hilo, Kahului, Kawaihae or Nawiliwili and the balance of
the cargo in that container is destined to Honolulu,
reefer containers stopped in transit in Honolulu for
partial unloading shall be returned to the Carrier's
container yard within 11 calendar days of the container
being removed from the Carrier's yard.
Not Subject to Rules
Subject to Rules
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